Chapter 11.2 Westernport Bay Study

Westernport Bay Study SAC


Identification Aids

Westernport Saltmarsh-Mangroves

Below is a word version of our combined vegetation cover abundance for the line transect studies at Jacks Beach.

Below this is an excel version of the same data which you can use to generate the appropriate graphs. I suggest

  • Cover abundance of Mangroves across the 25 quadrats
  • Cover abundance of the saltmarsh species across the 25 quadrats
  • Cover abundanceof the woodland species across the 25 quadrats

Both the table and all graphs genrated should be inserted into your project and discussed.

Some information re: Mangrove adaptations can be found in the following document but you will need to research further as well.

Interactive Mangroves Tour

Capture 2.JPG

Mangroves _ Smithsonian

Mushroom Reef Rock Platform: Flinders


Excellent Resource on Southern Australian Seashores MESA