Chapter 11 : Ecosystems: energy & matter


Explore 4 simple australian foodwebs interactive food webs

Use the information in the following document about a grassy woodland to construct a foodweb

Energy & Your Lawn Activity

Biomagnification Activity

If you are interested in Biomagnification have a look at the following ppts

Killer Whale Project : preparation for SAC 3

Biol 2 class 1 will sit SAC 3 on Thursday Sept 18
Biol 2 class 2 will sit SAC 3 on Friday Sept 19
You must submit the completed project proior to sitting the SAC

Good website for background on Orcas

SeaWorld :Killer Whale s

Killer Whale project in both pdf & word format

Orcas cooperative hunting on an Iceflow

Orcas v Sea Lions

Biogeochemical Cycles