Chapter 1: Cells the basic units of life on Earth

Prac Activity :

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Some short videos on cells and cell structures

An introduction to the world of cells

The Cell Theory

Relative Cell Size

Relative Cell Size Flash

Relative Size To Infinity

Prokaryotic v Eukarotic cells

A typical animal cell

Plant v Animal Cells

The Cell Membrane

The Nucleus

The Endoplasmic Reticulum


Golgi Apparatus



Mitochondria: the cells powerhouse

Cytoplasmic streaming

Amoiboid movement

Movement by Flagella & Cilia

More Biology videos by Mahalo Biology Videos


Tour of the Cell Bozemanscience

Interactive Cells

The following interactives are basically the same just differing in the complexity of information covered.
Interactive cells
Interactive cell 1
Interactive cells 2
Interactive cells 4
NSF Interactive Cells

Activity: Make a Cell Model

Colleen Cell Model.JPG

Makayla Cell Model.JPG